Joseph Levine.

Welcome to my website!The first three letters of "jablevine" are my initials, not a request for another vaccine. Adam is my middle name; Bone is my mom's last name. If you need a trick to tell me apart from the other Adam Levine, just surreptitiously check under our shirts. I'm the one without "CALIFORNIA" tattooed across my stomach. I am an economics research assistant for Dr. Benjamin Tereick, a Research Fellow at GPI, a research institute at the University of Oxford. Previously, I worked as a junior aerospace economist for Bryce Space and Technology, supporting the NASA Chief Economist, the Air Force Office of Commercial & Economic Analysis, and commercial space companies.With the Bryce team, I researched telecommunications satellites, earth observation satellites, and rockets. I really like getting email. I also really like talking to people.

So far, my research has touched on migration, political economy, and agriculture, and how these topics effect growth. I've also been lucky to do this research from very interesting places. For all of 2021, I lived in Sierra Leone, helping to design and implement research programs on energy and health economics. I worked with Prof. S.P. Harish and his teams in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh for four months in 2018. Research on rural electrification also brought me to Afghanistan several times between 2018-2020
Thanks to my friends and colleagues at Team Afghan Power, there is a solar field in Afghanstan named after me.

Some people, on their websites, spell out their emails like jablevine at gmail dot com. I don't understand why this is common, but I really like getting email and this introduces more friction into the already hard process of sending someone a cold email. Please send me an email to jablevine@gmail.com explaining this. Or, I might get a torrent of spam email proving why people don't do what I'm doing.

You can also give me anonymous feedback here. Anything is useful and appreciated, especially feedback which is specific ("You use the word heteroscedastic too much.") and timely ("You should move out of the way of that speeding trolley.").

Welcome - Joseph Levine